The award-winning Cat Friendly Certificate Program provides specialized educational training in cat friendly techniques to veterinary professionals. Developed by the AAFP and leading feline experts, the program emphasizes the importance of a cat friendly culture and experience, and knowledgeable veterinary professionals. This improves the overall delivery of care to your cat!

Why Should I Seek a Veterinary Professional With a Cat Friendly Certificate?

Cat Friendly Certificate holders possess an in-depth knowledge of cats in order to elevate veterinary care. You can expect them to understand feline behavior, as well as your cat’s unique needs. These veterinary professionals implement cat-friendly techniques, provide enhanced feline-friendly handling, and strive to reduce the stress associated with the feline veterinary visit.

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How Will It Help My Cat?

Using fundamentals from the Cat Friendly Practice® Program, the Cat Friendly Certificate Program equips veterinary professionals with the tools to better understand your cat which helps provide a lower stress experience for you and your cat.

Understanding Feline Behavior

Understanding what sets cats apart from other domesticated animals is key to their care. Those who have earned their Cat Friendly Certificate have additional training in understanding behavioral instincts and re-imagining the veterinary experience from the cat’s point of view. This helps a veterinary professional create a soothing atmosphere for your cat.

Reducing the Stress of the Veterinary Visit

Cat friendly veterinary professionals understand that the veterinary visit starts at home. They can provide tips for reducing stress leading up to your visit, and know the keys to providing an environment that will reduce stress in waiting room and exam room.

Best Practices in Feline Medicine

Cat friendly veterinarians are trained in caring for your cat during the exam and beyond. These professionals are knowledgeable in best practices for the treatment of feline conditions and diseases. They understand that helping cat owners be a part of their cat’s healthcare plan is critical to preventive care and helping cats live long, healthy lives.

TIP: When searching for a Veterinary Professional, you can choose to filter by those who have achieved a Cat Friendly Certificate, a Cat Friendly Practice®, or an AAFP Member Veterinarian

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