Checkup infographic

Your cat needs preventive care examinations or checkups at least once a year. Senior cats 10-15 years old should have checkups at least every 6 months and cats over 15 years old should be seen every 4 months. Cats with ongoing health issues may need more frequent checkups.

These visits are important to your cat’s specific healthcare plan. Your veterinarian will discuss and assess topics such as:

Why Are Preventive Care Checkups So Important?

During the checkup, veterinarians can often detect conditions that may affect your cat’s health long before they become noticeable. With early detection health conditions be managed or cured before they become painful or more costly.

Cats age more quickly than we do, so preventive care checkups are a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. As a member of the family, your cat deserves the best possible care. Together, you and your veterinarian can best decide how to accomplish that by meeting at least once a year to talk about your cat and any changes that have taken place in their life. With the information you bring and a good physical checkup, a plan will be created to meet the needs of your cat and the family. You are an important member of your cat’s health care team. You can be helpful in helping your cat live a happy and healthy quality of life.

Why cats need checkups

What Your Veterinarian Looks For During the Checkup?

Are you curious about what’s going on during your cat’s yearly checkup? It may seem like your veterinarian is just petting your cat, but she is examining your cat’s entire health and lifestyle during the checkup.

Don’t have a veterinarian? We have a search that can help you find a feline practitioner in your area. Whether you are looking for a veterinarian who is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, a veterinary practice that has been awarded to be a Cat Friendly Practice, or veterinary professionals who have completed the Cat Friendly Certificate Program so they can provide the best care for your cat, our search is here to help.