Becoming a cat friendly caregiver starts in your home. From preparing your cat for her routine veterinary visit to providing a safe and nurturing environment, your home is where your cat will be spending most of her time.

Making your home more cat friendly starts with:

  • Providing your cat with their basic needs and the key resources your cat needs (such as food, water, toileting areas, scratching areas, toys, and resting or sleeping areas.)
  • Compassionate caregivers who provide positive, consistent, and predictable human – cat social interaction.
  • Access to routine preventive veterinary care.
  • Creating an environment that is enriching and including cat friendly play.
  • Making a safe, secure, respectful, and loving environment that is free of dangers and hazardous materials that could harm cats.
  • Understanding your cat’s natural behaviors, reading their body language, and knowing that even though they seem independent, cats are masters of hiding sickness and pain.
Woman with her cat

Tips and resources to help make your home more cat friendly: