As you make the decision to adopt a cat, it is important to remember that this is a lifelong commitment.

To be the best possible cat caregiver, you really need to have a solid understanding about:

Being a cat friendly caregiver starts with learning about cats’ natural behaviors so that you understand why they act the way they do. Then you need to apply that knowledge when interacting and caring for your cat.

Identifying and securing a veterinarian you trust is also paramount. For assistance in finding a veterinarian in your area, use the Find a Veterinarian and Practices locator.

As a new cat owner, my local Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) has been paramount in educating me on how to properly care for my cat. The vet at my CFP led a seminar for new cat owners on feline health and wellness – the information I learned was invaluable. I really appreciate the cat friendly office set-up and feline-only exam room.
– James W., Michigan

My local Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) is a wonderful place that I’ve been taking all of my cats to for over 15 years. The reduced stress environment makes it easy to handle even my most nervous cats.
– Gloria, California

Learn how to keep your cat happy, healthy, safe, and calm in and out of your home. Becoming a Cat Friendly Caregiver is the first step towards creating a Cat Friendly Home.