Cat Friendly Certificate Program

The award-winning Cat Friendly Certificate Program provides specialized educational training and cat friendly techniques to veterinary professionals. Developed by the AAFP and leading feline experts, the program emphasizes the importance of a cat friendly culture, experience, and knowledgeable veterinary professionals. This improves the overall delivery of care to your cat!

Using fundamentals from the Cat Friendly Practice® Program, the Cat Friendly Certificate Program equips veterinary professionals with the tools to better understand feline medicine, cat behavior, and how to transform the veterinary visit to provide a lower stress experience for you and your cat. This includes building feline knowledge, skills, and best in-clinic practices!

Cat Friendly Certificate holders possess an in-depth knowledge of cats in order to elevate veterinary care. You can expect them to understand feline behavior, as well as your cat’s unique needs. These veterinary professionals implement cat-friendly techniques, provide enhanced feline-friendly handling, and improve the feline veterinary visit. This all results in a less stressful veterinary visit experience for you and your cat!

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