Cat Friendly Certificate Program

Developed by the AAFP and leading feline experts, the Cat Friendly Certificate Program provides specialized training and cat-friendly techniques to veterinary professionals. The program is designed to build knowledge, skills, best in-clinic practices for feline medicine, and improve the overall delivery of care to your pet! The Cat Friendly Certificate Program uses fundamentals from the Cat Friendly Practice® Program, equipping veterinary professionals with the tools to be feline experts, as well as create cat-friendly cultures and environments.

Veterinary professionals who earn a Cat Friendly Certificate possess an in-depth knowledge. These individuals have an understanding of best practices to make veterinary visits less stressful for cats!

You can expect a Cat Friendly Certificate holder to:

  • Implement cat friendly techniques.
  • Have an increased understanding about feline behavior and your cat’s needs.
  • Have an enhanced ability to provide feline-friendly handling.
  • Be committed to improving feline health and the veterinary experience for you and your cat.

Cat Friendly Certificate Program Sponsors: