Benefits of Visiting a Cat Friendly Practice®

When designated as a Cat Friendly Practice,® selected veterinary clinics have proven they have taken specific extra steps to assure they understand a cat’s unique needs and have implemented feline-friendly standards. Below are some specific ways in which cat caregivers can benefit from visiting a Cat Friendly Practice.®

More Pleasant Veterinarian Visits

  • Each Cat Friendly Practice® makes an effort to have a calming environment.
  • A waiting area or experience that reduces stress associated with other pets, or unfamiliar smells.
  • Cat Friendly Practices® can also help advise you on ways to reduce stress before and after the visit.

My cats and I love our local Cat Friendly Practice®. My cats are noticeably calmer throughout the visit. The staff’s feline expertise is extensive and they offer helpful hints and tips to make life with my pet healthy and enjoyable. – Donna K. – Tennessee  

High-Educated Veterinary Staff

  • Veterinary teams are trained to understand the individualized needs of cats including feline specific facial and behavioral cues.
  • Veterinary teams are skilled at understanding subtle signs of sickness and pain.
  • Staff continually obtain education on the most current feline research and guidelines, along with developing an individual plan based on your cat’s specific needs, preferences, and behaviors.

Feline-Friendly Environment

  • Many Cat Friendly Practices® have a feline-only examination room that provides a safe, non-threatening area where cats can be examined calmly and effectively.
  • Their cat ward, hospitalization area and operating room have been assessed to include appropriate feline equipment, tools, and procedures.
Find a Cat Friendly Practice®

Click the video below to see a testimonial from an owner who takes her cat to a Cat Friendly Practice®:

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The AAFP’s Cat Friendly Practice® program (CFP) is available to practices in North and South America, as well as the Caribbean.
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