Lifetime of Care

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Gray kitten on person's shoulderAs you make the decision to adopt a cat, it is important to remember that this is a lifelong commitment.

To be the best possible cat caregiver, you really need to have a solid understanding about:

  • How to meet your cat’s environmental needs
  • Feline behaviors
  • Feline health conditions
  • Diseases
  • The critical need for routine preventive veterinary visits

Identifying and securing a veterinarian you trust is paramount. For assistance in finding a veterinarian in your area, use the Find a Veterinarian and Practices locator.

As a new cat owner, my local Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) has been paramount in educating me on how to properly care for my cat. The vet at my CFP led a seminar for new cat owners on feline health and wellness – the information I learned was invaluable. I really appreciate the cat friendly office set-up and feline-only exam room. – James W. – Michigan

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