Cat Carrier Tips

To help your cat become more comfortable with her carrier, follow these tips:

  • Leave the carrier out.

    • When you leave the carrier out in your home, your cat will see it as a regular part of her space.
    • She can enter and exit the carrier easily and will associate it as part of her space.
    • The carrier will acquire the smell of your home instead of smelling like the basement or garage.
  • Gently place your cat into her carrier.

    • If you need your cat in the carrier and she isn’t entering the carrier by herself, carefully scoop her up with both hands and support her bottom.
    • You want your cat to trust you when you pick her up, so handle her carefully to avoid causing her fear or pain.
    • Many cats have arthritis in their neck or back. With proper and gentle handling you can avoid causing your cat pain in these areas.
  • Treat your cat with respect.

    • Even when you are in a hurry, take care not to drop or shove your cat into the carrier. This may cause her fear and she may try to bite or scratch you.
    • Instead, if you are desperate to get your cat into the carrier, toss a blanket over your cat, gently wrap her like a burrito – being careful not to pull the blanket too tight – and slide her into the carrier. It’s similar to swaddling a baby.
  • Remember to line the bottom of the carrier.

    • Your cat prefers a soft, comfy place to site.
    • Try placing a blanket or towel in the bottom of the carrier and spray it with a feline facial pheromone, so the carrier is not so frightening to her.
  • Stay calm.

    • If you try too hard to get your cat into the carrier, your cat can get suspicious.
    • Instead, place treats, toys, or catnip in the carrier.
    • With patience and time, your cat should come around.